Channel Islands Harbor Apartment Homes

Fisherman’s Wharf Oxnard: A Place for All Californians

The opportunity to live at the harbor should not be exclusively for the rich!  With a shortage of rental housing and sky-high housing costs across the state, the chance to rent a home at the water in beautiful Ventura County would open up new living opportunities for many. Coastal development should be inclusive for all who work, live, and recreate on our state’s coast.

The re-imagined Fisherman’s Wharf Oxnard project will address environmental injustice by providing new coastal access for all with a well thought out plan to revitalize Oxnard’s Fisherman’s Wharf.  It incorporates vibrant, active, and sustainable development, as well as adds new waterfront amenities such as new shopping, dining and housing opportunities.

Amenities for Everyone

  • Revitalized Wharf with shopping & dining
  • Public boardwalks and waterfront access for recreation
  • High quality apartment homes for rent
  • One-acre pirate-themed public park

Sustainable Solutions

  • Minimized resource use
  • Water reclamation
  • Solar energy production

Imagine a place where all can come together to enjoy all that our Ventura County coastline has to offer. Please show your support of the project by signing up to speak at a virtual public hearing in August, or by writing a letter to the Coastal Commission.

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