The reimagined Fisherman’s Wharf plans to provide a reminder of the past, an experience for the present, and new promise for the future. It will be a place for all of Ventura County visitors and residents to walk along the water, have a bite to eat, and enjoy the beautiful harbor.


What is planned for the project? 

The proposed project is a mixed-use, harbor-oriented village being developed by Channel Islands Harbor Properties, LLC.  The plan is to combine unique retail and restaurants with the best that harbor living has to offer along the water’s edge, bordered by a waterfront promenade leading to a new one-acre park with views down the Harbor’s east channel. This new village concept is a first of its kind in Channel Islands Harbor area.

Designed to fit the surrounding community, the village will encompass:

Inviting restaurants and retail shops
Overwater dining deck
Harbor themed public park
A 1,000 ft. boardwalk
Professional, tech-ready offices
390 apartments with premium views and an abundance of recreational amenities

Where is the project site located?

Fisherman’s Wharf is located on the corner of Channel Islands Boulevard and Victoria Avenue in the Channel Islands Harbor.

What does the surrounding area offer potential residents of Fisherman’s Wharf?

Easy access by foot and bike to some of California’s most coveted coastlines
Close proximity to a variety of workplaces, as well as respected colleges and universities, including California State University-Channels Islands, California Lutheran University, and Oxnard and Ventura Community College
Unlimited harbor activities at your doorstep, including paddle boarding, kayaking, and electric boat rentals to enjoy on the calm channel
Convenient location to Naval Base Ventura County

How is the Fisherman’s Wharf lifestyle unique to other mixed-use projects in the vicinity?

The project is intended to provide new residents with an inclusive, urban-scale, mixed-use community to “live, work, and play”.

The Fisherman’s Wharf village will retain historic elements of Fisherman’s Wharf, such as the iconic lighthouse and the village setting for the retail and restaurants.  It will be at a smaller scale than other nearby options, completely walkable, with plenty of seating areas along the water that are open to the public.
The restaurants and retail will offer a variety of options at several price points, offering choices to the public.
This first mixed-use project in the Channel Islands Harbor will offer residential units immediately next to, or on top of, the retail and restaurants, rather than being separated, ensuring that there is walking traffic to enliven the spaces at most hours of the day and evening.
The project offers an expanded landscaped paseo, or gathering area, along the water and in front of the restaurant spaces.
The residential units provide much needed housing in Ventura County in a small footprint, not requiring expansion onto bare land, and at a price point much less than for sale housing along the coast, ideal for the younger working population, empty nesters who are downsizing, and nearby workers who cannot buy a home in coastal California.
Public parking will combine open and covered parking, immediately adjacent to the retail and restaurant uses, making it easy for visitors.  For nearby residents, the walk-in entrance from Channel Islands Boulevard will lead directly to the restaurants, and will be convenient and inviting.

Was a traffic study done for this project?

The targeted traffic study indicates that the increase in traffic from this project will be small, and the additional traffic will be nearly entirely handled by traffic control improvements already scheduled in the City of Oxnard.

The developer will be contributing funds via traffic fees based on the findings of the traffic study in order to fund these improvements.  In addition, Naval Base Ventura County has a project underway to deal with the early morning large truck traffic at the Victoria Avenue entrance.

What will happen to the existing commercial fishing urchin dock? 

The existing urchin dock will remain for use by the public, and a new dock will be built just south of the current public boat launch ramp, in a location more convenient to the commercial fishing community for their boats and trucks. The existing urchin dock will be re-designed to include outdoor dining and a more visitor friendly use.

What community outreach has been conducted for the project? 

The project team has spent over two years working with county and city staff, local agencies and community members developing the program and concept plans for Fisherman’s Wharf.  During that time, there have been numerous public ally noticed hearings, study sessions, and community meetings.  Project developers continue to be invited to, and attend, public meetings about the project.

What kind of sustainable systems will be incorporated in the development? 

The project is planning a number of sustainable options that will minimize water and energy usage.  The scope and unique harbor location of the project allows the design team to take advantage of technologies—such as water reclamation, solar and other sustainability options.

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