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There is wide-spread support in and around Oxnard for the revitalization of Fisherman’s Wharf, as evidenced by the hundreds of people who have signed on as project supporters (, as well as those who took the time to participate in recent a public hearing at the City of Oxnard.

Area residents, labor, the business and non-profit communities want to see Fisherman’s Wharf Oxnard revitalized and enjoyed.  Here are a few of quotes from people who have spoken up in support of the proposed project.

“There’s a lot of potential here if the buildings were fixed up. There’s more space for outdoor activities and more people around to support the shops and restaurants.”
Ed H.
20-year marina resident

“This project is long overdue. It will help revitalize the Oxnard Wharf by creating more jobs for local  skilled  union construction workers and our members  that  live in our community and build Ventura County.”
Alex M.
Lifelong Resident of Oxnard, Laborers Local 585

“Enough is enough! We have a developer right now ready to do it, rescue the Wharf and give it the attention it needs. I drive past the Fisherman's Wharf about five to ten times a day, going back and forth to work, I never have issues with traffic.”
Dave V.
Business Owner

“We have a housing crisis in our community; it covers all types of housing and all levels of affordability. What is it going to take to get the city and the Harbor to bury the hatchet and do something positive for this community?”
Nancy L.
Oxnard Chamber of Commerce

“When I see the rundown condition of fisherman’s wharf today, I’m sad and disappointed.    As I remember from my childhood, Fisherman ‘s Wharf could once again be a wonderful local treasure.”
Aja B.
Local business owner and long-time Oxnard resident

“Why can't I live by the ocean? Why does that have to be saved for the rich folk? I think there's an opportunity to live by the Harbor right now, with this project, correct?”
Timothy V.
Construction Worker

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